Lauren writes to Leo...(An Taoiseach!!)


What do you do, when you are off school, at home all day, have finished all your homework and need a new project? Well, if you are Lauren Kelly, a 1st Class child from Ms. Murray's class in HFJNS - you decide to write to An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar to see how he's getting on and to thank him for all his hard work, keeping Ireland safe these days.

You probably think that he is very, very busy, especially at this time, but maybe he will get a chance to read what you've written. What you don't expect, I'd guess, is that not only would he read your letter, but actually send you a reply!!

Well that is exactly what did happen!! I'm sure Lauren was surprised and delighted to receive her very "official" reply, on state letter paper. What a lovely idea in the first place and a real treasure for her to keep for many years ahead. I'm sure Lauren was speaking for everyone, not only in Holy Family but all over the country with the kind and thoughtful words she wrote.

Click on the photos above or below to read the letters themselves. (a right click can open larger versions in a new window or tab)

Well done Lauren - Happy Easter to you and your family. wink


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