Molly Ryan - Infant Fitness Coach

"What's Your Name" fitness challenge

It has been a very important part of our activity in lockdown - taking regular exercise and staying fit and healthy. One thing is for sure - Molly Ryan from Ms. Ginty's Junior Infant Class in Room 6 has been taking this very seriously indeed. I'm sure her whole family have been following her timetable, which you can see in the photos attached below to this page. There is no fear of being bored either, doing the same exercises all the time....Molly has made sure of plenty of variety in her "What's Your Name" fitness challenge list, also here for you to check out. This is a very impressive amount of working out for a Junior Infant - it is even an impressive amount of writing too! Congratulations Molly - keep it going and thanks for sharing your ideas. Now everyone, have a read....or maybe don't just read.....get moving like Molly!!

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