Click the Video below to enjoy.....
Click the Video below to enjoy.....

See Emily Play....Piano!

One thing just about everybody has been missing during the Covid-19 shutdown has been going to concerts - live music shows are some of the best events to attend. Many artists have helped us through this by performing from their homes on TV or live streaming on the internet. Not many people however have had a performance done especially for them....but that is just what Emily Liu has done for Ms. Kearns, her Senior Infants teacher in Room 22.

Thankfully, they have decided to share this wonderful video with the rest of us. It really is a treat, from Emily's lovely dedication at the beginning to the talented and expert playing she then demonstrates as she skillfully moves through "Fur Elise" by Beethoven. Lots of practice obviously being done in Emily's house! Did I mention she was just 7 years old and in Senior Infants?

Great work Emily - I know how delighted Ms. Kearns was. We are all looking forward to a "fully live" show sometime, when things are back to the way they once were.

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